WordPress 5.03 goes live

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A new year and a new minor WordPress release. This week (as of Jan 9th) the next iteration of WordPress 5.x has gone live. Expect several of these minor and also more major point releases to come thick and fast early in 2019.

The 5.0.3 maintenance release includes a total of 37 bug fixes and 7 new performance updates. According to the release notes from the WordPress core team

The focus of this release was fine-tuning the new block editor, and fixing any major bugs or regressions.

Per the release notes, here are some of the headline items in 5.03:

For a full list of changes, please consult the list of tickets on Tracchangelog, or read a more technical summary on the Make WordPress Core blog.

As ever, one of the most beneficial tasks you can undertake with WordPress is keeping it unto date, as such if you’re running the 5.x branch (we think you should!) be sure to update to this new release ASAP.

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