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WP Tavern today reports on a great new plugin that aims to leverage the new Gutenberg block editor to make page layouts all the more simple.

The free version of this plugin comes with 50 different design elements that would be website builders can insert directly into their page designs. The Tavern’s Sarah Gooding writes:

The plugin is fully compatible with other Gutenberg themes and plugins, since it simply adds styles to existing core blocks. It can be used in combination with block collections, such as Atomic Blocks, Editor Blocks, CoBlocks, Caxton, Kadence, GhostKit, WooCommerce blocks, and many others.

Here’s a screenshot of the plugin in action, showing how easy it is to make impactful design elements exceedingly simple:

Design Library plugin demo
Design Library plugin demo

The new plugin promises to free up your time by offering an exhaustive design library; indeed the author is aiming to release upwards of a 1,000 different design elements all said in the paid version. Speaking of which the paid version is looking like a bargain right now too.

The plugin also cleverly relies on using only the vanilla Gutenberg blocks. This means the plugin should be fully compliant and compatible with themes that are also themselves Gutenberg friendly. The plugin doesn’t introduce any new spanners into the works as it where.

Gutenberg Blocks Design Library is available in the WP plugin repo here:

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